Why You Should Try an Inflatable Tent

Inflatable or Air tents have always been around and at the back of our minds, but only in recent years have we really considered them more seriously.

They have come along way with brands such as Berghaus, Vango and Coleman putting huge budgets into their development. Vango especially, most would say they are the leaders in air tent technology and have even managed to put a tent in space, which is an incredible feat I’m sure you would agree. 

Most people’s concerns when it comes to an inflatable tent or other, is the stability. Generally thought of being good for a day then deflating slowly in time to a pile of mush on the floor. Alas, they are more worthy than the blow up garden toys we are used to as children.

Modern air tents utilise some pretty amazing technology that works to combat all the old problems and judgments. Let’s look at their TPU tubes as an example, these are the equivalent of tent poles and work to erect the structure, but also keep it firm and rigid. Similar to inner tubes of a bicycle, they can be inflated and repaired in the same way.

That’s another thing that caught my eye, a lot of us learn when we are young, how to fix a punctured tyre on a bicycle. We can now put that method to good use with air tents, if you are unlucky and receive a puncture, you can fix it easily. 

The same is not to be said for a broken tent pole, miles from the city, perhaps a more tricky situation to deal with. 

Another benefit is the time it takes to pitch. It’s possible to rival some of these pop up and instant tents, when using a powered air pump that can fill the structure with air fast. In some cases they are considered even better, let me explain.

You will notice that pop up tents only go up to 8 man and instant tents up to a maximum of 12, as show in an article written by the thetenthub.com. However air tents have the ability of going up to 16 and for the larger tents on the whole, erect 10 times more easily than other styles of tents. 

At the same time, when you’re leaving it’s a simple deflation task, you won’t need to sit on it for 2 hours while the air pushes out slowly. They have large port valves that allow for vast air flow, emptying the tent of air quickly. 

There is a great article about all things air tent and the best inflatable tents on the market right here, I suggest you to read on if you would like to know more about them. 

For me personally I’ve just got the Vango 600 and I wish I had started air tenting a lot sooner! Give it a go, you may be in for a good surprise. 

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