Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #22

14 June 2015

Sunday Summary #22

So the week started out nicely. If you read last week's post you might remember me wondering if Vince would be up for going for a walk along the seafront on Sunday evening. After an afternoon nap/laze around we did decide to get up and actually get outside as it was so nice and we had a nice long stroll. We took lots of silly pictures together too. We always say we need to take more pictures, we've not taken any together at all this year so we had a real photo session!

The week trundled along nicely. Spin class was cancelled unfortunately due to some sort of instructor problem, I'm not really sure. It did give me the evening at home though and the chance to do an extra day of yoga. I'm on day 22 of the 30 day challenge now so nearly at the end. I think once I'm finished I will go through it all again, just to get more used to the different poses and build strength. I might throw in an extra video each day if I have time too.

I'm feeling like I do want to do something a bit more energetic as well but I'm not sure what to try out. I can't really push myself too much with things like circuit training due to my asthma but it would be nice to feel like I've had a bit of a workout of some sorts.

The end of the week wasn't so good! On Thursday I went to crochet class after work as normal but when I got home Vince said our letting agency had called and it turns out our landlord is selling our house, which means we have to move out. It couldn't really have come at a worse time, right when we have zero savings, a cat to take with us and probably more debt then we had before we passed previous credit checks. So now we're into the whole cycle of looking for a place to live. We're still deciding between carrying on renting or trying somehow (I have no idea how with no savings) to get a mortgage deposit. It looks more likely that we'll just carry on renting but we're going to still have to pay deposits, admin fees and first month's rent I expect, so not good.

Our house has a viewing on Tuesday already. The agency said they could help us out with letting us know of places that become available and could also speak to landlords for us ref the cat. Finding a place that allows animals is very rare so the landlord's going to have to be persuaded that the cat isn't a problem. I'm not sure what problem landlord's have with cats to be honest. I can understand dogs a bit more but cats, ours in particular, makes absolutely no mess at all.

As I mentioned it's come at the worst time, right when I'm trying to save for a car as mine's on it's way out. I'm probably going to have to dig right into my overdraft to pay all the moving fees. The thought of moving all our stuff is not going down well either. When we first moved in it all fit into my mum's little work van but now we're going to have to hire a proper moving van. We've also got to clear out the garage, which contains our old sofa and just generally reduce all our rubbish, argh!

The ideal situation we can hope for is that another landlord buys the house in the hopes of renting it out. Then they might keep us in the house, although they'll probably put the rent up! Looking at other houses, our rent at the moment is pretty cheap so if we do end up moving we're probably going to have to pay more rent as well.

Anyway, enough of being down. It's just something we're going to have to do, however much of a pain it is. This afternoon I am hoping to have a bit of a blogging afternoon. This morning I did day 24 of my 30 days yoga challenge and also popped on a yoga video from the same channel for toning abs and arms. It was about half an hour long and it nearly killed me but weirdly I did enjoy it so I'm going to try and do it quite regularly.

I actually can't believe the weekend is nearly over already. It goes so quickly. I'm mainly looking forward to tomorrow night's Game of Thrones finale, eek! I really hope it's not going to be disappointing.

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    1. Sorry to hear about your house, hope everything turns out ok for you. Is the yoga challenge on YouTube? Think I'd quite like to do something like that

      1. Yes the yoga challenge is the 30 days of yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene, definitely check it out!

    2. Oh no, what a nightmare with your house! Ben and I are trying to get somewhere at the moment and it's so stressful without that added pressure! x

    3. Sounds like your having a bit of trouble! In my old house I just didn't tell them I had a cat - they never found out! Also have you tried the Charlotte Crosby work out dvd? It's sort of like circuit training but you can do as little or as many rounds as you want xx

      1. We thought about that but they do regular checks every three months or so and we can't guarantee the cat will stay out :\. I will give the workout dvd a try, thanks!

    4. I hope your housing woes are sorted soon, my friend is in a similar position and it's not fun! Hopefully you'll be able to find somewhere nice for you and your cat to live :)
      Megan x
      London Callings


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