Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #21

7 June 2015

Sunday Summary #21

Happy Sunday everyone! It's been super hot and sunny this weekend and I'm not usually one to like the sun but I have rather enjoyed it. Yesterday I had lunch at my mums out in the garden with my niece and nephew. My mum put the tent up for them, which they went absolutely mad for. So we ate lunch then headed to the park before their nap.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning the house and hoovering - all very boring but a must! This morning I popped to my sister's for breakfast. Normally I wouldn't be up so early but I thought I should get myself out of bed as it was going to be a nice day, we had heaps of pancakes with lemon and honey, delish! After I popped to a couple of shops and bought some bits for some blog posts I'm planning and now I have the rest of the afternoon stretching out infront of me. I'd quite like to go for a walk along the seafront with Vince but I don't know if he'll be keen on doing so. We'll see.

This week I've been indulging in some serious smoothie making! On Wednesday I had the afternoon off for a dentist appointment (all good!) and Vince and I did our food shop. I picked up a smoothie maker and tonnes of fruit and have been enjoying the smoothie life. The texture needs a bit of getting used to but they're tasting lovely! I'm hoping to write a blog post on it too and share some of my favourite recipes.

How has your week been? Let me know what you've been up to in the comments.

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    1. Very nice post ...
      Welcome to my blog on my new post.

    2. Those pancakes sound absolutely delicious! Hope the rest of your day is also great :)
      Love Hayley,
      Water Painted Dreams

      1. They were, I ate way too many! Thank you!

    3. The weather has been so perfect today! I hope it lasts! x

    4. I'm not usually a sun lover either but I've really liked it this weekend, a couple more weeks of it though and I'll be seeking shade! x

    5. Great post, hope the rest of your day was good xx

    6. Great post, defo need smoothie recipes! =]


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