Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #18

10 May 2015

Sunday Summary #18

Last week was a big fat fail! It got to writing my Sunday post and I got as far as 'nothing much to report on this week' and closed the browser and put my laptop down. I've said this a few times but I not really feeling it with my blog at the moment. I'm thinking I need a big 'ol content rehaul and makeover (although money won't really allow a layout change) and today I'm feeling much more like I want to blog after a few little ideas started to flow last night.

It's getting to the point where I need to make the decision, either stop the blog completely or commit to it. Not that I haven't been committed before but after 6 years (yesterday was my blog birthday!) it feels like I'm not getting very far with it…I've seen other people start a blog and completely takeover the blog world with it all in less time than it's taken me to make this tiny little mark on the blog world. Instead of comparing myself to other blogs (big blogger no, no!) I'm instead going to carry on regardless and just enjoy doing it again.

Anyway, blog moan over. This week was only 4 days long but it felt like 5. I missed spin class this week as I was invited to one of our work client's tasting session at their new cafe. The food was delicious so definitely worth missing spin class for, haha! I will be returning next week though and I expect it's going to hurt this time around! I haven't missed a class since starting in February so it feels really weird!

Last week I also started the 30 days of Yoga with Adrienne program. I haven't really stuck to it daily as I've been busy or Vince has been home and I don't fancy doing it in the living room while he laughs at me! I'm not really sure if it's the best thing to start with when you're an absolute beginner as I'm finding some of the positions difficult to get into and I'm really wobbly but I guess the more I do it the better I'll be. I actually did it this morning and managed to get into the Cobra position without getting tangled up.

I was going to start Pilates tomorrow but at the moment my bank account isn't going to allow it. I don't know what on earth I've done with my money this month. I didn't think I had gone spending crazy last week but you always spend more than you realise! Oopsy.

This week coming I also have a crochet class so for that as well as spin and pilates, it would have cost me £15 in classes this week. So either Pilates starts next month or I find some more videos on Youtube. If you can recommend any then let me know!

This week's crochet class is going to be part 3 of the crochet along. I still haven't finished part 2 or even part 1 so I'm getting really behind. There are so many times in the week when I could be doing it at home but I just don't. There's usually something too distracting going on but I really need to find more time to do it or I'm never going to get it finished.

So I have a week of classes to look forward to. Today is my sister's birthday so I think I am seeing her at my mum's today for lunch. Other than that I, of course, have some blogging planned!

What have you been up to this week/weekend? Do you have much planned for the upcoming week. Let me know in the comments.


  1. Your second paragraph sums up how I'm feeling exactly right now! x

  2. aw but i'm loving your blog layout, it's so elegant!
    And sometimes i feel the same way, I too, find it difficult to come up with things to write about, it can be very difficult at times,especially with posting regularly.
    Anyways, hope you had fun on your sister's birthday! And i'm looking forward to your upcoming blogposts :) followed x

  3. You could try blogilates on youtube! Her routines vary in difficulty but are also extremely effective


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