Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #17

26 April 2015

Sunday Summary #17


Apologies for the flower photos at the beginning of these posts. I took a whole bunch last week when everything was looking good in the garden, lucky I did as most of the tulips are on their way out now and the garden is covered in pink blossom.

So there's another week done and we're almost into May now. I can't believe it! This week has been another pretty normal, uneventful one to be honest! I read on twitter yesterday that a blog workshop was telling people not to blog about their week but I find these sorts of posts one of the most enjoyable to write, whether anyone reads it or not! I say write about what you want!

I almost bought a Pilates/Yoga mat this week but my bank account wouldn't allow it. I think once I get paid I am going to give a Pilates class a try at the same place I do my spin classes. I'm not even sure if I need my own mat or whether they supply them but I guess if I have my own it might be a bit better as it won't be crawling with other people's sweat and germs, ew. I will report back when I do start the class and let you know how it went.

I was pleased to see my normal spin teacher back this week. I felt like the class was quite good this week. I didn't get ridiculously out of breath and I didn't get pains and stitches in my sides so all was good. I didn't reach the 27.5km I reached the week previously but I did manage 27.1km so not bad.

When I updated my iPhone to the new operating system it installed an app called Health and there's a little section in there for recording cycling distances so I've been using this to document how well I'm doing. It's very up and down but each week I seem to be in the high twenties when it comes to kilometres so I'm pretty happy with that!

There was no crochet this week so I've been doing loads at home. As I mentioned before we're working on a blanket and although it's taken me nearly two weeks, I've finally completed one section of it. Now I just have to complete another 3 sections of it before Thursday's class…not going to happen I'm afraid! We'll be moving onto the next sections, which look like little squares with flowers in so I'm really going to have to get a move on.

It probably sounds like I lead a really uneventful life…which is true I guess! This weekend has been really quiet, I've spent most of it on the sofa infront of the TV and laptop. I need to get some blogging done today for the week ahead and some crochet, of course!

How has your week and weekend been? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. i think i need to download that app!

      from helen at

      1. It seemed to just pop up when I installed IOS8 but it's pretty cool!

    2. Im loving all the flower photos, i love it this time of year with all the pretty flowers. My weekend has been pretty chilled too! x
      Emma | Emmys Blog

    3. The health app seems pretty good. I have it on my phone but haven't really used it much yet! X
      Charlotte - Charlotte Sophia Roberts

      1. I've not used most of the functions of it, just the cycling recording bit but it's pretty good!

    4. I am surprised they said to not blog about your week I actually really enjoy these sort of posts but then I am nosey haha, those tulips are absolutely beautiful! xxx

      1. Same here, I love reading them as well as writing them!

    5. Great post =] that is a very nice picture of a tulip, love the colours =]

    6. Just found your blog! Just my cuppa tea I don't know what to read first! Xx so please! Yay x Bean's Beauty Blog


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