Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #16

19 April 2015

Sunday Summary #16

I think I say this pretty much every week but I can't believe it's Sunday again! This week has gone quite slow in one way but then it gets to Sunday and it feels like it's flown by. Weird. It was the first full five day week back at work after the Bank Holidays so I guess that's why it's felt longer.

I didn't get as many blog posts up as I wanted to this past week. I really need to get back into it again. I'm hoping to get my blog on this afternoon once the sun has gone in a bit - isn't that the way…all winter you wish for good light and then it finally comes and it's way too bright. I have quite a few bits and pieces to photograph and I also popped to Boots this morning to add to my haul, oops.

I really shouldn't be shopping at all to be honest. I've been to Bristol twice this month and spent so much money each time. I can only really now afford petrol and my spin and crochet classes until I get paid again. I could probably do with doing a car boot sale again to try and make a bit of extra money!

This week I had spin and crochet class. Not at the same time I might add, haha! For spin class we had a different teacher and he was a lot tougher, which I didn't enjoy! It was a really hard class but I guess if you're not getting a good workout from it then there's no point. I do find it a lot harder than everyone else to recover between songs. I think it's probably due to my asthma but everyone else seems to cool down and get going onto the next thing while I'm still very breathless. I do take my inhalers before hand but I guess I just have to take it easier than everyone else.

I was contemplating also doing a Pilates class on a Monday evening. Have any of you tried Pilates? Would you recommend it? I might give it a try once payday rolls around and I can get myself a mat for the class.

As I mentioned, I also had crochet class and we started our Lily Pond blanket project. Everyone is working on the same thing and we recently got part one of the pattern so I've made a good start. I'm kind of stuck now as it's moved on to some stitches I don't know, which is a pain. I have 4 blocks to do before the next class so I might get them all done up until the same bit then once I've learnt the new stitches, I can carry on. I swear I'm not like 90 years old! Vince always says I look like a little granny doing my crochet but I really enjoy it and although it's going to take absolutely ages, I can't wait until the blanket is finished.

Something a bit exciting that did happen this week was that the first of my posts for's The Hub went up. It's all about a gothic/glam lipstick look, check it out here, yay! There should be some more going up soon so I'll definitely let you know once they're up.

How has your weekend been? Do you have much planned for next week? Let me know in the comments!

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PS. Are you loving the spring blossom as much as I am? I'm loving photographing the new flowers and plants in my garden at the moment!


  1. the flowers look so pretty, I love it when all the flowers come back in the garden ! Going to go and and check out your Gothic Glam post now

    Distant Dreamer

  2. I love pilates, it really helps build up core strength and overall flexibility. Out where I am classes cost a fortune though, I end up using youtube videos! x

    1. Sounds good, I've thought about Youtube and doing it at home but I'd get too lazy with it, at least if I'm going to a class I know I'm doing it properly!

  3. Love this post =] Very pretty picture


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