Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #15

12 April 2015

Sunday Summary #15

Here we are again…and once again I've left all my blogging until Sunday afternoon. I've done absolutely no housework and no washing either. Sometimes you just need a weekend where you don't spend your whole day doing housework, otherwise you feel like you haven't really had a rest. That's my excuse anyway.

Yesterday I had a nice day with Vince. We went to Bristol again. That's all we seem to do recently and it's v.bad for our bank balances but always fun! We had a wander around the shops and of course I bought lots of goodies. We stopped for lunch at a place called Tampopo in Cabot Circus. It was actually really nice and what swayed us was the free samples of viatnemese rice they were giving away outside. As usual we consumer way too much and I kind of regretted it when it came to paying the bill! I'd definitely recommend it though. It's very similar to Wagamamma (we actuall both had Katsu curry!) actually, which is probably why we liked it.

Afterwards we did a bit more shopping and headed home for an afternoon of snoozing on the sofa. I must have fell asleep about three times during the evening and I even nodded off on the way home from Bristol as well. I must have been tired!

Today has been a really lazy one. I popped to my mum's this morning with some of my crochet stuff so we could get started with the new project. Turns out she had already started so I was on my own! I've literally done one line of one of the sections and now I'm stuck so will be waiting until class on Thursday, haha!

Vince and I then went and did a food shop. Eurgh, probably the worst way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I don't mind the actual shopping part but it's just other people getting in my way, not saying thank you when I let them pass and just generally being slow and annoying. We really need to get into online food shopping I think…although we tried it once before and it usually turns into an argument.

The first five day week in two weeks is looming tomorrow! This week just gone was only four days long but it felt really long. I'm not quite sure why, possibly because it was a tad stressful, but my spin class and crochet really do help me relax, as much as spinning so fast on a bike you feel like your legs are going to fly off, can help you.

Hope you've all enjoyed the weekend, let me know in the comments what you've been up to.



  1. Oh god tell me about it haha my weekend seems the same to be honest but that's what they are for, I haven't been to bristol in so long that'd it'd be nice to go when all the kids go back! Have a nice week xxx

    1. Much better when all the kids are back at school!

  2. I had my easer this weekend and took part in my first ever Easter egg hunt.

    My Morning Routine | Spring 2015

  3. Great post =]

  4. I'm the same with food shopping- don't mind doing it, do mind the other people around! x

  5. Oh I completely agree, and the house won't fall down if it isn't cleaned for one week, sounds like you had a lovely weekend xx

    Ioanna |


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