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20 April 2015

Beauty blogger confessions

Beauty Blogger Confessions

I read beauty blogs pretty much every day and there are so many products/trends/ideals that you see over and over again. There's often the portrayal of a 'perfect' lifestyle, perfect make-up/skincare and the perfect bedside table, so I thought as a blogger, I'd put together a little list of confessions just so you know that lots of bloggers are pretty normal!

  • I don't really know what a stippling brush is used for.

  • I don't 'fill in' my eyebrows on a daily basis...I wouldn't even know how.

  • I don't have a perfect, all white house, which is ideal for product photographing.

  • I wouldn't know the first thing about contouring.

  • I rarely wear lipstick...don't get me started on lip liners.

  • I can't apply liquid eyeliner.

  • I don't own an Ikea Alex thingy-majig.

  • Sometimes I don't even take my eye make-up off before bed…

    What are your beauty blogger confessions? Let me know in the comments!
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    1. Great post. I only wear makeup 1-2 times a week.. lol.. Do I even have the right to call myself a beauty blogger?!!

      1. I only ever really wear eye make-up!

    2. Yes to every one of these! I use my stippling brush to blend foundation in because I find it a nicer finish than a 'foundation' brush - how do you stipple anyway? haha xx

      1. What even is stippling? Haha! I have got a stippling brush though...

    3. I feel ya on the perfectly white house - I definitely don't have that either. I live in New York City, so when it comes to apartments, you take what you can get! x

      Melissa | M is for Melissa

      1. Haha, the perfect white houses are such a lie!

    4. I loved this post! I definitely agree with the liquid eyeliner point, I'm absolutely rubbish at it! x

      Jordan Alice

    5. Replies
      1. I have yet to own one, I feel like I need one though!

    6. I couldn't go a day without filling in my brows! I don't own the ikea storage thing either! x
      Emma | Emmys Blog

    7. Haha this is such a good post! I don't have all white painted rooms in my house either and I don't have the Alex drawers and I never burn candles :) xx

    8. LOL! I don't own Alex and can't apply liquid eyeliner (or any eyeliner for that matter) too! My tiny flat is also not photography/beauty storage friendly. :) But that's the beauty of blogging - we can all be different! :) X

    9. Haha great post! I never fill my eyebrows in! Yesss what is a stippling brush for?! (although I do own one ofcourse) and once my lipstick rubs off once thats it, I'm not applying it again that day!
      My house is all white though!

      Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

      1. I'm jealous of your all white house!

    10. Well, I am no blogger, but I have a few confessions anyways:
      I always take my full-size moisturizer when I travel, just because I think the jar is pretty.
      I have never tried anything from Nars.
      I never wear lip liner nor do I own one.
      I can't stop myself from pricking blemishes.
      I "revive" my high end mascaras if they dry out before I have used them up.
      Let's just stop here, shall we?

    11. I admit I don't even do anything with my eyebrows, please don't gasp too much at that...! ha! But I don't have time! I also never wear foundation or anything in summer, not even BB creams, I just go naked, apart from a little eyeliner. I find it easier than sweating when walking to work, and I feel free'er! I am sure if mnay admitted to what they actually wear day to day, it wouldn't differ too much from your list too! Great post :)


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