Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #13

29 March 2015

Sunday Summary #13

Sunday Summary

I can't believe it's Sunday again! The past week went SO fast and this week coming is only four days long, which is great but also bad because it means a day less to get everything done. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing on Good Friday, probably not a lot!

On Wednesday I had spin class again. Recently I haven't really been pushing myself hard enough so this week I made sure to up the resistance properly so I could really feel it. I think I did quite well and although it was super hard I still really enjoyed it. I have another class this week coming as well as my next crochet class. This week we're starting a new project, it's a 'crochet along' where everyone works on the same project, using the same pattern and doing it altogether in the class. We've seen the finished blanket we're going to be making and it looks SO complicated, not sure how I'm going to get on with it, eek!

This week my mum and dad got a new puppy!! Eeeek! She's so cute. She is an all white Border Collie with a few flecks of grey. They got her from Wales from really bad conditions, she is blind in one eye but my mum and dad didn't want to leave her so brought her home. We took her to the vets yesterday and she has a heart murmur and is really, really small for her age. The heart murmur could go away with age but the vet wants her to put on some weight. You can see some pictures over on my Instagram.

She's so teeny tiny, she looks like a little polar bear. She's so cuddly and playful and although she keeps bumping into things when she's walking around, she is settling in well. My mum and dad's other dog, Jasper, doesn't seem to mind too much so far.

So my week has pretty much consisted of cooing over the puppy. Later yesterday afternoon I popped to mum's again as my sister was round with the kids. They absolutely love her and want to cuddle her all the time! I expect I will get some more cuddles in on Thursday before crochet class! If you're ever in a bad/sad mood then cuddling a puppy or a cat works wonders!

Most of today has already passed and I've so far only hoovered and cleaned the bathroom. I'm going to attempt to take some blog photos this afternoon after demolishing my chocolate spread on toast, yum yum!

What have you been up to this week/weekend? Got much planned for next week? Let me know in the comments.

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