Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #12

22 March 2015

Sunday Summary #12

Sunday Summary

I can't believe it's been exactly a week since I was sitting here writing this post and staring into the beauty of a long, week off. Now I'm staring at a week back at work, but am trying not to think about it too much or I won't sleep tonight!

I had a pretty relaxing week off to be honest. Thankfully my car passed its MOT and so didn't need any work. I couldn't actually believed it passed and no advisories either, not sure what's going on there…

I spent some of the week taking blog photos but not nearly as many as I would have liked to. I also gave the house a good clean and tidy up, although you wouldn't be able to tell now.

Vince had most afternoon's off so we spent most of them watching cheesy daytime TV quiz shows and napping. On Friday we got up early to watch the eclipse, although we had no special sunglasses so couldn't really appreciate the full effect. We then got ready and headed to Bristol for the day. We had lunch at one of our favourite all-you-can-eat Asian fusion restaurants and did some shopping! I spent way too much money during the week so am on a bit of a spending ban this week besides paying for petrol!

It was really nice to have spin class and crochet class this week and not have to rush back from work for them. I did well at spin and enjoyed it again but still need to work on that 'ol resistance! Crochet class was good, after being stuck on one bit on my blanket for two weeks I was finally able to get on with it and am now flying through it. I've probably made some mistakes in it but the untrained eye won't be able to tell so I'm going to keep going - I want to make it quite big so I can put it on the bed. Hopefully when it's finished I can post a picture or maybe write a blog post about my new hobby but if you really are that interested, I've posted a couple of snaps over on my Instagram. I really never thought I'd keep it going this long!

Next class we're going to be starting a lily pond blanket but we're doing it all together each week. It looks pretty complicated but I'm sure we'll do ok. I've been really into looking up patterns online and trying them out on my own but they usually end up going completely wrong, but I guess it's the best way to learn.

I don't really have anything planned this coming week, other than work. I'm pretty happy though as I have one full week and then the week after is only four days due to Good Friday so I have a nice long weekend coming, hurrah!

How has your week and weekend been? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. Super pleased you had a good week off! x

    2. Weeks off go far too quickly!
      Emma | Emmys Blog

    3. I love the sound of the all you can eat asian restaurant- YUMMY and I am impressed you have kept up the crochet I will def check instagram for photos xxx

      Blonde Of Carbs

      1. It's one of our fave places, if only it wasn't so far away!


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