Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #11

15 March 2015

Sunday Summary #11

As I write this I currently have one long week of complete nothingness stretching out ahead of me…in other words, I have a week off work, but it's been a bit of a stressful process in the lead up to it as I've had to make sure the majority of my jobs are complete. Anyway, enough of thinking of work, how am I going to spend my week off I hear you cry?! Doing as much blogging as possible of course!

It all starts tomorrow with some post planning. I'm hoping to get up relatively early (8am ish) and have a nice cup of tea and Youtube catch up before ploughing on with what posts I want to make live this week. I then want to plan for the rest of the month and as far into next month as I can. If there's any sort of posts you'd like to see then do let me know!

As well as blogging I also plan to tidy my house. It's an absolute mess at the moment, not with dirt, but just lots of stuff everywhere and it all needs putting away. Sometimes you just need time off to catch up on things. I'm hoping to sort my wardrobe out and sort my bedroom out a bit as well.

My car is due an MOT tomorrow so unless I walk somewhere, it will definitely be a day at home. I don't expect it will pass the MOT so will probably need some work doing to it this week as well, fingers crossed it can be done this week as I pretty much booked the entire week off especially for it.

As I mentioned this week has been a bit stressful and I hoped my spin class would help get rid of some of it but this week I wasn't really feeling it. I'm not sure why but I just wanted it to end and I wanted to get home, which is a shame, but I am determined to get back into it this week and really push the resistance! I was also thinking about doing some extra classes this week, but can't decide which!

This week coming will be great as I won't have to rush home from work for my class. I also have crochet this coming week and I am so glad because I am SO stuck! I've spent most of this afternoon starting it, taking it all out and then starting it again. It's driving me absolutely mad. I was hoping to get some done in the week as well but that's totally gone out of the window!

This weekend has been pretty quiet. Yesterday was REALLY quiet infact. I didn't get up until 10.30am and then didn't get dressed until lunch time. As I got up so late it left me feeling tired all day long, so much so that I fell asleep again in the afternoon. It was such a waste of the day to be honest as I could have got so much done but sometimes you just need a lazy day!

This morning I popped to Mum's for breakfast with my sister and the kids. For Mother's Day I got her a bag for all of her craft bits, she has absolutely loads now! I need to get a bag for myself soon I think as I'm already building up a collection of wool.

How has your weekend been? Have you got much planned for the coming week?

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    1. Hope you have a lovely week off x

    2. I feel very much in need of a week off, enjoy it! x

    3. I hope you feel better and more motivated this week, I have been feeling the same about my exercise a general complete mood drop, I keep feeling like sleep and food is all I want- what is in the water?! xxx

      Blonde Of Carbs

      1. Definitely, not sure what's been going on! Hopefully feel better this week :) Hope you do too!

    4. I hope your feel a bit better this week, hopefully now though of course! And good luck with the car MOT, mine gives me serious nerves!

      Annabel ♥
      Mascara & Maltesers

    5. Lovely post =]


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