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12 March 2015

Make-up and Mum

Mother's Day
Mother's Day

Let me just start off by saying my mum is probably going to kill me for posting these pictures of her, haha!

I was recently contacted by Fragrance Direct and asked if I wanted to take part in its Mother's Day campaign and of course I said yes, so I spent the weekend rifling through family photos trying to find one of my mum and I together. The only ones are from when I was quite young as neither of us like having our photos taken, so please do enjoy my mum's perm and my pink t-shirt and yellow shorts, how stylish!

When it comes to all things beauty, makeup and skin related, none of us would be where we are today if it wasn't for our mums or other significant female role model in our lives. They're the ones that teach us where to put lipstick and that bright blue and pink eyeshadow isn't a good look after all. It's strange how we pick these things up. Obviously I don't really remember myself but I am already seeing my niece become interested in nail polish and makeup after she's been seeing my sister apply it. It's like she's a natural already, she knows what goes where but maybe she doesn't have the knack of applying it just yet!

When I was younger, as well as makeup, I did have a real interest in nail polish and dyeing my hair, so it was really handy that my mum was a hairdresser and would spend hours painting the stuff onto my head for me. I tried a range of colours including black, purple, red and pink tips! I used to see mum's hair colour charts and enjoyed playing with the little fake bits of coloured hair. Then I'd go with her to work at the hairdressing cash and carry and see all the different colours!

In my teens I was introduced to skincare and it was always mum who I'd ask about it. What sort of products should I use, how do I get rid of this huge spot and quickly?! These days she's a regular reader of my blog and has even got her hands on a few bits after I've reviewed them in the past. Her and my sister are always the ones to get first dibs on things when I have a clear out.

I kind of know what I'm doing when it comes to makeup and skincare now or so I like to think, although I could use a hand with hair dyeing at some point. What I'm trying to say is whether it's makeup and skincare advice or something a bit more serious, I still count on my mum for absolutely everything, despite being 26 and living in my own place.

Makeup/skincare and hair dye might be trivial things to some people but sharing something/an interest with your mum growing up and then into your twenties and beyond is great. It's important to have something to bond over and talk about so when special days such as Mother's Day come around you can really appreciate having your mum in your life. Mother's Day might be one of those holidays created by higher beings than us just to make money and I do believe that you should appreciate your mum all year round but it doesn't hurt to take one day out of the year to really treat her and show her how much you care!

What makeup tips and tricks did your mum teach you? Let me know in the comments.

*This post contains PR samples.


  1. Oh this is such a gorgeous post and really cute pictures, my nan was a hairdresser too and she brought me up so it really is always handy, although I am sure your mum was much 'cooler' hahah! I love having an older, responsible source to guide me though haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Aw thank you! It's definitely handy having a hairdresser in the family!

  2. Lovely post, its always been my mum who introduced me too skin care routines etc x
    Emma | Emmys Blog


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