Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #7

15 February 2015

Sunday Summary #7

Hello, happy Sunday! This is the first chance I've had all day to sit down and get on the laptop. I didn't wake up until 10.30am, woops, and then had to pop to the shops and pick up a few things, then I went straight to my mum's for lunch as my cousin was visiting with her kids. I stayed there for a couple of hours, have come home and am currently having a sit down and a cup of tea before tackling the washing up and cleaning of the bathroom. I was hoping to get some more blog photos done but I think I took enough last weekend that I could probably survive this weekend without doing any. I don't have much planned for next weekend so I can get on with it then!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Vince got me a card and a lovely bunch of pink, glittery roses that you can see pictured above. They're so pretty! I do love getting flowers, roses especially. They just make the house look so much nicer and more grown up. I always like having lots of flowers around the house but haven't done so recently so need to get back on that through the spring/summer.

Yesterday Vince and I popped to my mum's to see her and my dad/my sister and my niece and nephew before we went to Bristol for a bit of shopping! We were originally contemplating eating a late lunch/dinner in Bristol but as it was Valentine's Day the prices would probably be about double for a normal meal so instead we had lunch at mum's and then ordered a Chinese takeaway in the evening. The takeaway actually ended up taking an hour and half to arrive, which was very annoying!

I had my third spin class on Wednesday. I think my legs/bum must be getting used to it now as they didn't really hurt at all afterwards and I did really push myself during the class. I managed 26km this time, which was great compared to the week previously when I did 21.5km. I'm going again on Wednesday and I'm really enjoying it, there was talk of a spin class on a Sunday morning, which I probably wouldn't do but I was contemplating the Saturday morning class or maybe even a different class altogether, such as Zumba. Let me know if you've tried Zumba and how you found it.

Vince is doing a lot of late shifts this week coming so I'm going to be on my own most evenings. On Thursday I'll be going to my next crochet class, which I'm looking forward to. At the last class the teacher said there's just a few more basic moves we need to learn and then we can start making things! I can't belive it. I think I want to make a hat but by the time it's finished it won't really be cold enough for hats so I thought I'd give a blanket a go or maybe a toy for the cat, I can't really decide!

Other than my classes I don't really have much going on. The rest of the day will probably spent doing boring things such as changing the bed, cleaning and then finally settling down to watch TV. I think I'm definitely going to need to have a bath as my sinuses are really hurting at the moment so need the steam to help clear them. I have rhinitis/sinusitis but they haven't hurt in quite a while, I have had a cold recently though so that's probably the cause of it, grr.

Hope you have all had a good week/weekend. Let me know what you got up to in the comments.

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    1. Ben and I had a super chilled Valentines. We weren't going to eat out but ended up at Wetherspoon's on the harbour and only spent £20 so we can't complain! We've been really lazy today though, I didn't wake up until gone 10am and have done pretty much nothing since! x

    2. Those roses are absolutely gorgeous! The glitter really adds to them.

      1. I know, I've never seen flowers with glitter on before! All flowers should come with it, haha.

    3. Sounds like you've been busy but lots of fun! The roses are absolutely beautiful && I want to join a spin class now you are actually motivating me I think, especially for my workouts in the week anyway xx

      Blonde Of Carbs

      1. Ooh great, let me know if you do join a class!

    4. You're making feel rather lazy as I am sitting here eating chocolate reading about your incredible exercise efforts!

      Annabel ♥
      Mascara & Maltesers

      1. Haha, sorry! Don't worry though, I usually follow up my spin class with a nice pizza when I get home!


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