Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #5

1 February 2015

Sunday Summary #5

I've just realised it's actually February 1 today, where did that come from? January went SO quickly. This past week has gone pretty quickly too, as I mentioned last week I booked a spin class for Monday but unfortunately my car flashed up at me the fact it needed new brake fluid so I took it to my parent's after work so my dad could do it for me and had to cancel the class. However, I did re-book for Wednesday evening instead!

I felt a bit silly at first as I really didn't know what I was doing. When I walked in everyone was sat on their bike and there were only two free right at the front. I had no idea how to make the bike my height so had to wait for the instructor. She finally turned up and showed me what to do etc and then the class got started. I don't know if it was because I was sat under the air conditioning or if I wasn't doing it properly but everyone else seemed to be sweating buckets and I wasn't! I'm thinking I probably didn't push myself hard enough as I was brand new to it and just sort of kept at my own pace but will have to try harder this week. My legs and bum definitely hurt for a few days afterwards though, those seats are NOT comfortable! I'm going to go on Wednesday again this week and then I think my sister is going to join me on Monday evenings.

This week I also have another crochet class so really need to get on with practising that. I haven't done very much at all compared to my mum, who has even started teaching herself new stitches, teacher's pet!!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day as I attended another blogger event. This one was in Bristol (yay for nearby events!) at the Georgio Armani counter in House of Fraser. I'm actually going to write a dedicated post about this one, which should hopefully be up this coming week, but it was really nice to go to another event as I don't get to go to them very often. Most events are in London on a week day and obviously due to work I can't attend but this one was on a Saturday afternoon! I actually popped into Primark beforehand and bought a few bits, which wasn't a good idea as those make-up counters aren't very big and I kept bashing everyone with my massive Primark bag.

I then had to catch the train home and get ready to go out for a meal with my friend Sarah, who I used to work with. We haven't seen eachother since before Christmas so we went out for a Thai and a couple of drinks, which was really nice. The food was so good too!

I was planning to take blog photos this morning but, being realistic, I probably won't before I go to my mum's for lunch and then into town later this afternoon for my contact lense appointment. This appointment is the final one and hopefully I can get myself some lenses to wear whenever I like. I might pop into a few shops while I'm in town too…oops.

Have you got much planned this coming week? I've got my crochet and spin class and I am thinking of trying Zumba too, let me know if you've tried it and what you thought.

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    1. Sounds like you had a good week! I feel that January went too quick too. I went to a spin class once and they are hard, good on you for going!

      Beka. xo

    2. The armani event sounds awesomeeee, I am rubbish at making it to any really D: and I can't believe you did spin, second person I have read this evening and I am like OMG but it's so hard hahaha I never want to do it again ;) xxx

      Blonde Of Carbs

      1. I think once you get used to spin it will become easier, that's what I'm hoping anyway!

    3. Ahaha your mom sounds so cute! Already a teachers pet, huh? You need to catch up ;P

      She Will Be


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