Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #3

18 January 2015

Sunday Summary #3


Another week gone means it's time for another Sunday Summary! This one comes to you from a lazy Sunday afternoon of blog photo taking, writing and listening to Vince shout at the TV as he plays Fifa (does anyone else's boyfriend do this?).

After last weekend's contact lense fiasco I had another appointment yesterday to try and learn how to put them in for myself. Thankfully, after some practicing and advice from Vince, I managed it and have now been given nine days worth of lenses to trial. I'm so pleased I was able to eventually put them in, I didn't think I would find it so difficult initially but it just takes a bit of patience. Did any of you find it difficult too?

As the appointment was so successful I decided to go on a bit of a shopping spree around Boots - I spent way too much money, although I did have a £20 gift card so that doesn't really count. I picked myself up a few bits and pieces and the new DKNY MY NY perfume giftset, which was only £25 down from about £40+. I was quite impressed!

I spent the rest of the afternoon at my parent's house as they were having my niece and nephew overnight. I managed to sneak some of their dinner for myself and helped out with bathtime, hilarious!

Today, instead of sitting around the house all morning in my PJs I went with my parents and my niece and nephew, to the seafront, for a walk. It wasn't too cold or windy so it was quite nice to walk along the beach. As you can see from the picture above, it was pretty bright! We had a long walk and stopped for some chips for lunch, yum!

Now I'm just preparing the week's photos and posts ahead of a lovely roast dinner tonight!

How has your week been?

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    1. Oh gosh I am not brave enough for contacts my big glasses have to do for now, mainly because I know people who have dryness and irritation from them that puts me off! Btw my boyfriend just sits on the xbox on sunday either laughing or shouting, its so irritating when I am working hahah xxx

      Blonde Of Carbs

      1. I can't stand listening to him talking/shouting at it, it drives me mad!!

    2. oo sounds like a lovely day! can't beat chips after a walk along the beach! and the isn't anything better than a good boots spree haven't had one in a while! i think one may be in order!

    3. I love picking up the perfume gift sets in the sales, and thought I was on the only one! Hope you did enjoy your day today!

      Annabel ♥
      Mascara & Maltesers

    4. I only have to wear reading glasses so I don't have a chance to try contact lenses, but this is my main worry if I ever have to. If you had a gift card for Boots it's perfectly fine, that's how I justify it to myself anyway!

      Beka. xo


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