Cherry Pie : Sunday Summary #2

11 January 2015

Sunday Summary #2

The Dark Knight
Hooray! We've survived the first full week of January and the first, proper week back at work after the holidays. Now Christmas and the New Year seem like a distant memory, which is kind of sad!

Last week I mentioned that I was feeling pretty rubbish and I've been feeling pretty much the same ALL week, which is not good! I was so thankful to go to bed last Sunday night and while I didn't feel sick or achy anymore on Monday, I still had a really bad headache. The illness has now developed into a horrible cough, which still seems to be lingering. The one thing I hate about being ill is having a sore throat or a cough. Usuaully if I get a cough it can be ten times worse than normal as I have asthma so I'm upping my inhaler intake and praying it goes soon!

Yesterday I had my follow up contact lense appointment where they were supposed to teach me how to put them in myself. Well, it was a huge fail. I couldn't do it at all and the lady who was supposedly helping me was so useless and unhelpful, I just felt like an idiot sitting there trying to do it. She basically told me to go home and practice the technique of putting lenses in but she wouldn't let me take any lenses to practice with so my next appointment is going to probably go the same way…

After getting myself in a right tizz at the contact lense appointment I took a little look around town, wandering around Waterstones and a few other shops before meeting my sister and my niece for a hot chocolate. We then went to my parents for lunch, which was yummy.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty chilled, I had a lovely nap and spent the rest of the evening infront of the TV with Vince. Did anyone else watch Stars in Their Eyes? How bad was it, awful!!

This morning I've had a nice, relaxing morning drinking tea in my PJs and watching Youtube videos. I've also been taking a load of blog photos while the light is good and am going to spend the rest of the afternoon writing posts and sporadically cleaning the house.

Before you go, why not catch on what you've missed:
  • Zara Mini Doctor Bag

    *If you're wondering about the image I used. I snapped this while walking around Weston-super-Mare. It's by a street artist called JPS.
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    1. Hope your cough disappears soon!
      Hang in there with the contact lenses. My first experience was pretty much the same as yours, but you'll get the hang of it soon and will be popping them in and out without even a second thought. Good luck at your next appointment.

    2. The cough and flu bugs doing the rounds at the moment are really long lasting, especially ones with a cough involved (sorry to be the bearer of bad news!) We're over-run at work with people coming in with it and it's a miracle I have so far avoided it! I hope your feeling better asap! x

      1. I know, everyone I know seems to have had it! Hope you don't get it!


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