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24 December 2014

Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit

Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit
Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit - £20*

Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit
Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit
Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit
Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit

Baking and I are not good friends. We're not even aquaintances and whenever I get the urge to bake I remember just how bad things can get and I quickly change my mind. Instead I've found a crafty alternative to baking in the form of the Kirsty Allsopp Rose Bath Creamers Kit. Actually the only baking involved is the melting of some shea butter and cocoa butter and pouring it into cupcake cases.

I'm really not a crafty person but this kit from Hobby Crafts gifts is so easy that even I can do it. It comes with everything you need, shea butter, cocoa butter, rose scent, almond oil, dried rose buds, cupcake cases, twine and gift tags so you can make them into a cute gift for someone else if you don't feel like keeping them yourself.

The process is really easy, you melt the cocoa and shea butter, add in the rose scent and almond oil and pour into the cases. You then leave them to set overnight. You can use the dried rose buds as decoration on top or you can pop them in the bottom of the cupcake case and pour the mixture ontop so they're in the middle of it. I'm not sure if this comes in any other scents but the rose scent in mine is pretty powerful so I don't think you'd need all that much in your mixture. They'll certainly make your bath smell amazing though and the shea butter and almond oil in the mixture is great for leaving your skin feeling super soft.

I actually quite enjoyed making the bath creamers as it was so, so easy. The perfect Sunday afternoon activity. I wouldn't recommend this kit for youngsters but it's perfect for teenagers and adults. I definitely had fun making them and they do look good enough to eat, but I would warn anyone else in your house that they aren't edible as my boyfriend proceeded to open the fridge and think they were actual cakes!

*This post contains a PR sample


  1. I love this concept! Going to order it I think :)

    1. I know, it's so cute. Not usually something I'd even try but I really enjoyed it.

  2. This is such a sweet idea! I can't bake either haha, but I reckon I could cope with this!

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  3. Just tried out this kit today was bored of my cake decorating hobbie so decided to try bath stuff making,I really loved it so simple and super results.


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