Cherry Pie : The Sunday Catch Up #42

23 November 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #42

Hello again! After a two week break (oops!), the Sunday catch up posts are back. I'm not quite sure why I didn't post for two weeks, but I wasn't really into it anymore and I wasn't taking many pictures of things or doing anything particularly interesting so I thought I would leave it until I actually had something to write about.

This morning I woke up with a terribly sore throat, which is pretty annoying. The one thing I can't stand about having a cold is the sore throat, it's just so irritating. Vince has actually been ill all week. I thought it might be developing into flu but I think he's on the mend now that he's passed the germs to me. Anyway, to help myself feel a bit better I took a little trip to Boots and actually ended up spending about £25, oops again.

I spent the morning on the sofa in my PJs watching Youtube videos and I watched Vivianna does Makeup's new video about what's in the likes of Boots and Superdrug at the moment and it just gave me the urge to shop so I got showered and dressed and headed out. Weirdly I actually found quite a few things - I think it really helps when you know the exact product you're looking for and while watching Anna's video I actually made a few notes of the things I wanted so I was able to go into the shop and pick up exactly what I needed. Luckily all of the cosmetics were on 3 for 2, woohoo!

I am going to spend the rest of the day getting some blog photos done if the light stays ok. I really need to stop wasting the weekends because the light disappears so quickly so my chances of getting some good photos are very slim. I actually have tomorrow off work so hopefully I'll get some more photos done then as well. I have quite a stack of products backing up so really need to get a move on and get planning some posts. I actually bought a wall planner/calendar yesterday ready for the New Year and to help with planning all of my posts. The next step is to sort the spare room and get myself a desk!

How have you been spending your weekend?

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    1. Sore throats are the worst! I always get one with a cold...I hope yours gets better soon! x

    2. I really hope you start feeling better soon! but I did love reading this post :) x x x

    3. Oooh what is that palette in the left photo? Hope you feel better soon! xx

      Love and Marmalade

    4. Sore throats are the worst thing about getting ill seriously hope you feel better after your little shopping trip ;) xx


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