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27 October 2014

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks
Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks
Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipsticks

I have to be honest with you. I'm not keen on lipsticks. I never wear them. I don't know what colours suit me and I don't really know how to apply them properly. It took me a good few attempts to get the finished looks above after I kept smudging them all over the place and ended up looking like a clown quite a few times.

I was hoping to swatch all of the shades but when it came around to the red one I just couldn't get it right and threw a bit of a strop, so two swatches was the best I could do. Although, the green is swatched in a post coming this week so keep a look out for that one.

While I don't usually wear lipsticks I wanted to give these a try as Makeup Revolution had very kindly sent them to me. I also wanted to see if I could pull any of them off because they're quite out there colours for me. They're actually perfect for Halloween, which is why I've waited until this week to feature them. I think you can create some pretty great looks with the darker shades and even the red too.

The sparkly purple is actually really pretty and although I'm not 100% sure it really suits me, I do quite like it. I'm by no means a lipstick expert but I found each one a tiny bit thin on application. It took me a few times to get a fully covered lip. I've not read about this problem in any other reviews though so I am not sure if this is just me? It might be an idea to apply them with a lip brush as you can work the colour in a bit better.

For £1 these are real bargains and even if you do pick them up just to create a Halloween look it's totally worth it. I'm really pleased I gave these a chance and while not every colour is really for me, it's been really interesting to play with them and get myself used to applying and wearing something on my lips for a change.

Have you tried any of the shades from the new Atomic range?

*These items were gifted to me by the brand and I have given an honest review.


  1. I have these to try and adore them, I think the colours really suit you too! The green is my most intriguing one to try ;) xxx


  2. These are very Halloween colours. Not my usual shades but I can see these being popular for Halloween Makeup

    1. I wouldn't wear them usually either but I agree, they're perfect for Halloween.

  3. I've seen quite a few reviews of these, they look really nice and they're so affordable for just a pound! xx

  4. All the shades look perfect for Halloween! Sadly we don't have Makeup Revolution though x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I think your pictures turned out pretty good, these lipsticks seem pretty good for £1, they look lovely :)! Thanks for sharing xo

    Natalie | Cosmic Creepers ♥

  6. Wow, even if the lipsticks weren't that good (which based on your review and photos, they look like they are) finding a green lipstick for that price is such a steal! Looks great!

    Brooklynn | That Brooklynn Paige

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