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9 May 2013

Toni & Guy Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray

Toni & Guy Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray
Toni & Guy Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray - £6.39*

Toni & Guy recently ran a promotion on their Facebook page where you inputted your details in order to receive a free sample of their new Creative range. I put my details in as I fancied the Extreme Hold Hairspray and I was really only expecting to receive a teeny tiny product through the post but I actually received a full-sized 250ml product.

I also put Vince's details in and got him a hair gel, which was also full-sized. I was thrilled to receive a full-sized product as I've wanted to get myself a new hairspray for ages. I've tried a few bits and bobs from the new Creative range and I've really enjoyed them so was looking forward to trying out something else too.

The hairspray retails for £6.39, which for Toni & Guy, isn't too pricey. I'm sure I've mentioned this before but I always seem to have a problem with hair products leaving my hair feeling sticky or straw like but this hairspray was lovely and soft and left my hair feeling like it hadn't had anything sprayed onto it at all. It had quite a good hold, but I wouldn't call it an 'extreme hold' as it's labelled. It held for a good few hours but as it's so soft you probably need lots and lots of products to really hold your style in place for the entire day.

I really enjoyed this hairspray mainly because my hair still felt lightweight after use and that's always a big plus for me. I would definitely recommend it to others that have fine, flyaway hair.

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  1. Thats so good that you got a full size sample! x

  2. That is pretty amazing how you got the full sized product. This is one of my all time favourite products when it comes to hair and I have extremely fine fly away hair and I need lots of hair spray for the style I do every day


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