15 June 2011

Let's blow a hole in this town

Hello! Finally I have a spare minute to blog! I wouldn't say I have been particularly busy, but after a long day at work, I then have to come home and do my fashion writing which usually means it's dinner time by the time I'm finished and all thoughts of blogging go straight out of my head when food is presented in-front of me. :)

I'm going to start today's post with an outfit post, showing you the New Look high waisted red shorts I purchased recently. I wanted them for ages and I think I mentioned already that every time I went in to New Look, they caught my eye. I finally tried them on when I got pair and they fit perfectly so I didn't hesitate before buying them. I also picked up a cute button stripe crop top in the sale for a few pounds. I seem to find a few good bargains when I have a chance to browse the sale racks and I'm not crowded by other annoying shoppers!

I've yet to wear them out of the house thanks to the weather being utterly rubbish recently. It has literally been boiling hot and sunny one minute and then raining the next! It's driving me nuts because I never know what shoes to wear or whether to take a coat or not! Make up your mind!

Last night Vince and I had a bit of a movie night. Vince very kindly brought Dominoes pizza for us (Yay for Two for Tuesday) and we watched his all time favourite movie ever, The Village. While The Village isn't my favourite movie, I've seen it three times now and do quite like it! Vince and I have been watching the Prison Break series recently so it was nice to have a change, although, we did stick on an episode of Prison Break afterwards. It is brilliant though, very gripping, and sometimes annoying, haha!

The main point of today's blog post was to show you my recent outfit purchases and a few other bits I've picked up over the past few days. First up is some lovely jewellery from Victoria and Lily. I decided to purchase Victoria's lovely feather earrings (I managed to nab the last pair, sorry!) and a ring and necklace from Lily's store. I do envy bloggers and their 'shops,' as they have no many pretty things in them. I have no idea where they get their stock from!

On my lunch break I just had to head to Boots for their latest Nails Inc polish offer! If you buy 2 of Dove's new Beauty Finish deodorant, you get a free Nails Inc polish. You can choose between a coral shade called 'Copacabana' and a pink/nudey shade called 'Havana'. I regrettably became one of those stupid customers who don't read the signs properly and picked up two deodorants, thinking that the polish came free when you brought just one. I was quickly made to go and get more deodorants so now I have 4 new roll-on deodorants. :\ I don't even know what the deodorant is even like or if it's any good, I just know if there is a free nail polish attached, I'm on it!

I'll be sure to show you what they look like in a future post, right now I'm off to sit in-front of the TV!

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  1. the feather earrings are lovely! x

  2. I love your new jewellery pieces - and YUM, just the mention of Dominoes pizza has me hungers and I've just had dinner :/ haha.

    Rosie x

  3. Oooo I love those shorts! xx

  4. I have those shorts! When they appeared online I bought them straight away as I missed out on the last lot they had in. I bought them in a size 10 and they fit perfectly <3

    I remember watching The Village years ago with my friends. I have a love/hate relationship with it because I think the concept in the beginning is good but the ending sucks :P

  5. Beautiful outfit! I love the red short ^^

  6. I love the jewellery. I am really tempted to buy some feather earrings.

  7. Those shorts are adorable! Love that they are high waisted!




  8. The feather earrings and turquoise stone ring are awesome! You look lovely too, love the shorts and I'm a sucker for anything stripey! x

  9. Love the shorts! And the feather earrings... if it's a fake, of course =P

  10. I love the whole outfit. And the nail polishes have great colors :)

  11. I am most definitely in love with the high waisted red shorts! :)

    <3 Belly B

  12. That necklace is pretty awesome! Oh dear, 4 deodorants?! Sounds like a good deal though :) xx

  13. Ohh dove and nails inc? Perfect!

  14. Gosh I love those shorts! Looks great with the stripy shirt. Sounds like you had a really fun movie night, movies are always better when there's pizza involved!

  15. loving the bright shorts :)
    gorgeous outift!! x

  16. thanks for your comment !


  17. seriously love that top with those shorts!

  18. Also, I was wondering if you could help me with this:

  19. Ooh, I do love red and stripes, very well matched! I hope you get some rest over the weekend from overly busy week!

  20. I adore the striped tops; I've been obsessed with stripes lately. Those feather earrings are so stunning!



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