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4 September 2016

A floral treat from Blossoming Gifts

Blossoming Gifts Orangery Bouquet

There's nothing I like better than having flowers/plants in the house. They're perfect for brightening a room up and bringing a little sunshine to it. If you saw my five simple ways to cheer yourself up post then you would have seen me mention that having flowers in the house is a sure fire way to lift your mood.

Usually my flowers come from the local supermarket but I was recently asked if I'd like to try a Blossoming Gifts bouquet and of course I jumped at the chance. I definitely wanted something summery looking but nothing obvious like sunflowers. I had to steer clear of the bouquets with lillies in because I have a cat so settled on the gorgeous Orangery bouquet, which is made from pretty coral/pale orange germini, white chrysanthemums and teeny tiny daisy-like tanacetum with tufts of delicate greenbell.

Blossoming Gifts Orangery Bouquet
Blossoming Gifts Orangery Bouquet

I'm a huge fan of the germini - they come in so many colours but I love the contrast of the pale orange/coral against the white of the chrysanthemums and daisies.

As I mentioned, I usually get my bouquets from the supermarket and they're usually under a fiver. This bouquet starts from £21.99 depending on what gifts (little box of chocolate etc), if any, you choose to send with it. The price is pretty reasonable for a special bouquet like this, it would make a lovely gift for a special occasion or if you were feeling particularly down you could cheer yourself right up with this one.

Blossoming Gifts Orangery Bouquet
Blossoming Gifts Orangery Bouquet

The risk with ordering flowers online is that they may not look like they do in the picture on the website but there was no problem with this as it looks exactly like the image online. The bouquet arrived next day, in great condition and came with special feed and instructions to care for the flowers so you can keep them for as long as possible.

Blossoming Gifts Orangery Bouquet

They lasted pretty well too, almost reaching two weeks and the smell filling my room for those two weeks was glorious! I so didn't want to throw these away when it was time.

*This post contains PR samples.


19 August 2016

Letting go of blogging

I started blogging around about 2009. I've been doing it ever since and I've never been more unhappy with it than I have been this year. Towards the end of last year I was thinking about giving it all up but my boyfriend bought me some camera lenses for my 'blogging' camera and I felt a bit like I had to carry on. I must admit after using the lenses I really enjoyed taking photos and I feel like they improved a little bit (despite finding out I'd been transferring minute size copies of the images onto my laptop for years) but this year I've just lost all interest.

I don't really care about the latest lipsticks and I even got a bit fed up of Manicure Monday's and felt like spending my money on nail polishes was a bit of a waste. I got fed up of pressuring myself on a weekend to get blog photos taken and posts written when I'd already spent a whole week working 9-5.30pm in front of a computer.

I'd taken multiple 'blog breaks' through the year but nothing really helped so I finally decided that was it a couple of weeks I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here now to be honest. I feel like completely taking the pressure off has allowed some words to just flow freely from my fingers. I don't have anything to review/promote this time and I'm just getting things out of my brain. I don't even know if I'll publish this but it feels good to be writing something down.

During the past few weeks I've had lovely relaxing weekends. I've spent an entire Saturday doing my housework without worrying about having to slot in some time to take photos. I even spent a Sunday or two on the sofa and I got through the entire new Harry Potter book within two hours. It was magical (lol, sorry!).

It's nice to say I don't have anything planned on the weekend. It's nice to pop out to town or if Vince has the day off from work it's nice to spend it together and go somewhere without having this nagging in the back of my head about having to get blog photos taken.

I don't think I'll go back to blogging like I was before on a regular basis. Sometimes I do get the urge to get all the pretty blog props out and start shooting away but then I remember I want to keep all the pressure off. I don't want to worry about comment numbers and who is or isn't reading and I don't want to keep comparing my blog to the thousands and thousands of other perfect ones out there so instead I think I'll just use this as my little space on the Internet where I can jot down thoughts and let words spill out spontaneously.

Until next time...

18 July 2016

Manicure Monday: Essie Gel Couture

Essie Gel Couture
Essie Gel Couture

Trying a little somethin' new with the old blog photos today - do let me know what you think in the comments. If it's a hit I'll probably alternate this style with the usual flat lays.

Anyway, on with the post. Today I'm talking about yet another gel polish release, this time from Essie. Everytime I go into Boots it's Essie's stand that catches my eye but I only ever really buy anything when there's an offer on as £8 for a single polish is a little expensive for me personally. However, recently I came across the new Gel Couture polish range, which comprises of new twisted style bottles as well as twisted brush stem and super wide brush for ease of application, and I just had to give them a go. You simply pop on the base coat of choice, I picked up 'Looks to Thrill', which is a orange-toned coral shade, and then whack the clear top coat on top. Simples.

I'm a huge fan of the wide brushes on these polishes, they cover the entire nail with ease. The top coat brush in particular is pretty huge!

Essie Gel Couture

I needed a couple of coats of the base colour, which is such a gorgeous shade, as it was a little streaky. Two coats did the trick though and it dried super duper fast too, ready for the top coat, which gives it a gloriously shiney finish. Essie claim the gel polishes last up to 14 days but this is really dependent on how often you're using your hands and for what sort of tasks you're using them for. If you were a lady of leisure, unlike myself, I'm sure this would last the full 14 days.

Unfortunately one of my nails started chipping after two days of application. None of the nails lasted even seven days, there was minimal chipping on most of them and on one nail the polish was coming away in great chunks. REALLY disappointing. The point of gel nail polish is to be able to get a gel manicure at home at a fraction of the price, which means it should at least last longer than your average highstreet nail polish. I hadn't even put my nails through their paces either with housework or washing up. By day six I removed all the polish, I actually peeled it all off as it was coming away so easily.

Overall I'm super disappointed with this. The colour is amazing but it just doesn't last, chipping after two days is just not good enough, especially as these polishes are on the more expensive side. It seems like a real waste of money.

Have you tried the new Essie Gel Couture polish? Let me know in the comments what you thought.

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