20 April 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #15

Fave new moisturiser / Healthy (ish) dinner / Animals at Puxton Park! / Lovely new flowers /
Daisy and Oscar enjoying their Easter eggs / My own Easter egg!

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As predicted the past week went pretty slowly but my extra days off have gone quite fast. Typical. On Friday I went to Puxton Park with my mum, sister and my niece and nephew. Puxton Park is pretty much a farm with lots of play areas for children and basically it's my worst nightmare. Children running around all over the place. I can handle my niece and nephew as they're lovely, obviously, but other people's children… no thanks.

After lunch I started feeling pretty tired. Not your usual level of tiredness though, like ridiculously tired and headachy too. I got home afterwards and fell asleep for about four hours. I'm not sure why I was so tired, but I always seem to be these days. My mum said it might be a good idea to make a doctors appointment in case I have low levels of iron or something. I've bought lots of fresh meat, fish, green veg and fruit to try and help so will see how it goes. I felt like I spoilt everyone's day to be honest as I just didn't have any energy.

I did feel better on Saturday though and I spent the entire afternoon at my sister's with my mum, dad and nan while they all sorted her garden out for her. I just sat back and watched, haha! The weather has been pretty good and I quite enjoyed sitting outside for a couple of hours.

Typically it's raining today but I still spent the morning round my mum and dad's. Daisy and Oscar enjoyed their Easter eggs and we had a nice lunch of dad's lovely cottage pie! Yum, yum. Vince and I have been napping for most of the afternoon and I've been munching away on my Easter egg. I need to get on with some cleaning as my sister is coming round tomorrow with Daisy to make some cakes!

I didn't really get half of what I wanted to do, done, on these days off. Absolutely no blogging at all. Luckily I have a bit of a back log of pictures that I've taken so have plenty to review. I did want to get some outfit photos taken and I even sorted out my wardrobe but I'm just not very fashionable and I don't have anything worthy photographing! I'm in desperate need of a shopping trip.

How have you been enjoying your Easter? Let me know in the comments.

Before you go be sure to catch up on the past week:
  • Easter nails
  • Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian

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    Cherry xo

    18 April 2014

    Easter nails

    Easter nails

    Easter nails

    Easter nails

    Happy Easter everyone! Well nearly…

    I'm so very happy as I now have a lovely relaxing four day weekend, yippee! Typically yesterday went extremely slowly but we're finally here. Today I'm off to Puxton Park with my mum, sister and my niece and nephew. I'm hoping the weather holds out as we're hoping to take a picnic along with us.

    Other than that I don't really have much planned except household chores and blogging. Hopefully I can get lots of posts written and photographs taken but knowing me I'll sit on my bum all weekend, oopsie!

    I don't really do much for Easter if I'm honest. I suppose I have been celebrating slightly with my Easter-themed nails. What do you think? They're obviously a bit wobbly but overall I really like them, I just wish I could do the same on both patterns, but unfortunately I'm absolutely useless at using my left hand. Boo! I was pretty surprised I had all of the colours I needed. It actually made me want to do more nail art in future so hopefully I'll feature more on the blog soon.

    Hope you all enjoy your Easter break, let me know in the comments what you're getting up to.
    Cherry xo

    15 April 2014

    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian

    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian
    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian - £3.99 each

    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian

    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian

    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian

    Barry M Aquarium Nail Polishes in Mediterranean and Arabian

    Not long ago the day finally came where I stumbled across the new Barry M Aquarium nail polishes. I had £20 worth of vouchers on me at the time so I picked up these two polishes as well as two more from the collection, which I will be featuring very soon!

    When I first spotted the polishes they reminded me a lot of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection, except these are, of course, more inspired by the sea and so the collection contains blues/greens and other very mermaid-esque two-tone shades. I couldn't resist the gorgeous orange/red of the Mediterranean polish and I thought I was in need of a bit more green polish so picked up Arabian too.

    They're beautiful to apply, really silky smooth and one coat is more than enough to get the desired look. They catch the light really well and have the perfect amount of shimmer/sparkle too. They also dry nice and quickly and the best part is, they last absolutely ages with minimal chipping.

    If you're a regular reader you'll know I often test out a nail polish using the washing up test. Basically if a nail polish survives the dreaded washing up then you can pretty much guarantee it's a keeper. I'm glad to say the Aquarium polishes stood up very well against the washing up and there was pretty much no chipping at all so I was extremely impressed!

    I've had the polish on for a good week now and while there is some chipping on some nails there are also ones that haven't chipped at all. I've worn both shades together and they look fab but of course would look equally gorgeous individually.

    I think I picked these up for two for £6 but even if they're not on offer they're very much worth the money. As usual Barry M have brought out a fab new collection and I'm really interested to see if any more shades come out later in the year.

    Have you tried these or any of the other polishes from the range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.
    Cherry xo

    13 April 2014

    The Sunday Catch Up #14

    Cheeky Jasper / my first and probably only piece of Easter chocolate / Oscar blue eyes! / Spring! /
    Hair products in awesome packaging / The best smelling nail polish / Easter nails!

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    I can't believe another weekend is almost over, but this time next week I'll be enjoying a nice extra long Easter weekend, woo hoo!

    I don't have much planned to be honest, except making cakes with Daisy and my sister at some point on Friday, which means I need to buy baking supplies sometime this week. I might try and get on top of blogging and catch-up with the back log of products I have lined up to review. I have also lacked on the outfit posts during the last two weeks, but to be honest I don't really have any interesting outfits to show you all. I'm in dire need of a shopping trip!

    Yesterday I woke up ridiculously early at 6.30am as Vince had to go to work but I thought I'd get up and get a few things done. I'd had my chores done by 10.30am and was napping by 11am! Haha! I spent the afternoon at my mum and dad's house, which is what I do most weekends, but the time flies by when I'm there as Daisy is just always on the move and wanting to play.

    It was pretty much more of the same today as well alongside some blogging and nail painting. I decided to have a go at some Easter nails and I think they turned out pretty well! I'll be featuring them properly on the blog this coming week, so keep an eye out for them. I also finally got around to using the new Revlon scented polishes, which are really amazing. I picked up Lime Basil, which smells great! I'll be reviewing it on the blog soon too.

    Let me know how you've spent your week and weekend! Are you looking forward to the Easter break?
    Cherry xo

    10 April 2014

    Barry M Nail Polish Corrector Pen

    Barry M Nail Polish Corrector Pen
    Barry M Nail Polish Corrector Pen - £4.99

    Barry M Nail Polish Corrector Pen

    This is just perfect, if like me you can paint all the nails on one hand perfectly but when you switch hands it becomes a right mess!

    I'm not completely sure if this is a new product or not but I only picked it up recently so it's pretty new to me. There's nothing that special about it if I'm honest, it's just one of those products you should definitely pick up for all of your nail polish application needs.

    This is great for just going round the edges of your nails and neatening them up a little bit. When I paint the nails on my right hand using my left hand it gets awfully messy so this has come in really handy. It's shaped like a pen so is really easy to use and guide over the mistakes you're hoping to correct, but what is just that extra bit special is the fact it comes with handy extra nibs, so once the original nib has become discoloured and no longer works very well you can simply switch it for a new one without having to buy a complete new product. Fab idea!

    Have you tried this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
    Cherry xo

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