Why You Should Try an Inflatable Tent

Inflatable or Air tents have always been around and at the back of our minds, but only in recent years have we really considered them more seriously.

They have come along way with brands such as Berghaus, Vango and Coleman putting huge budgets into their development. Vango especially, most would say they are the leaders in air tent technology and have even managed to put a tent in space, which is an incredible feat I’m sure you would agree. 

Most people’s concerns when it comes to an inflatable tent or other, is the stability. Generally thought of being good for a day then deflating slowly in time to a pile of mush on the floor. Alas, they are more worthy than the blow up garden toys we are used to as children.

Modern air tents utilise some pretty amazing technology that works to combat all the old problems and judgments. Let’s look at their TPU tubes as an example, these are the equivalent of tent poles and work to erect the structure, but also keep it firm and rigid. Similar to inner tubes of a bicycle, they can be inflated and repaired in the same way.

That’s another thing that caught my eye, a lot of us learn when we are young, how to fix a punctured tyre on a bicycle. We can now put that method to good use with air tents, if you are unlucky and receive a puncture, you can fix it easily. 

The same is not to be said for a broken tent pole, miles from the city, perhaps a more tricky situation to deal with. 

Another benefit is the time it takes to pitch. It’s possible to rival some of these pop up and instant tents, when using a powered air pump that can fill the structure with air fast. In some cases they are considered even better, let me explain.

You will notice that pop up tents only go up to 8 man and instant tents up to a maximum of 12, as show in an article written by the thetenthub.com. However air tents have the ability of going up to 16 and for the larger tents on the whole, erect 10 times more easily than other styles of tents. 

At the same time, when you’re leaving it’s a simple deflation task, you won’t need to sit on it for 2 hours while the air pushes out slowly. They have large port valves that allow for vast air flow, emptying the tent of air quickly. 

There is a great article about all things air tent and the best inflatable tents on the market right here, I suggest you to read on if you would like to know more about them. 

For me personally I’ve just got the Vango 600 and I wish I had started air tenting a lot sooner! Give it a go, you may be in for a good surprise. 

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What is Kale and Why is it so Good?

Kale is a vegetable that is a member of the cabbage family. Unlike regular cabbage, its leaves fan out and grow into a lose rosette without forming a head. It is closely related to the other Brassica oleraceaspecies which include cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Kale comes in two forms – regular kale which is identified by its smooth leaves and curly kale, which has crinkly and curly leaves, which can either be green or purplish blue. Curly kale is more popular and is more common among the two.

Health Information

Kale is a very healthy vegetable and has a very low glycemic index. One cup of kale contains only 36 calories, but gives you a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals. In fact, one cup gives you more than 1000% of your daily requirement of Vitamin K as well as 98.3% of all your daily Vitamin A and 71% of your daily Vitamin C needs.

Aside from these vitamins, it also gives you a strong combination of other healthy nutrients like manganese, copper, fiber, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, protein, folate, Vitamins B1, B6 and E as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

Health Benefits Of Kale

Because kale has just gained popularity among dieters, it is not as well researched as its counterparts like cabbage or broccoli. However, its exceptional nutritional content can already tell you something – it’s good for you!

Most of its benefits are centered and clustered into three: anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation and anti-cancer. Some of these health benefits include the following:

  • Lowers cholesterol due to its fiber-related components which improve bile acid secretion, which in turn help lower your cholesterol level. This effect is usually seen with mildly steamed or quickly boiled kale.
  • Helps prevent cancer with its high concentration of flavonoids and carotenoids, which are popular antioxidants.
  • Contains glucosinate which reduces risk of cancer, including these five types: breast, ovary, bladder, prostate and colon cancer.
  • Contains up to 45 different flavonoids which provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which helps reduce chronic inflammation and oxidation-induced stressed.
  • Contains plenty of basic omega-3 fatty acids, requiring the intake of only 100 calories to get as much as 350 milligrams of the fatty acids
  • Is very rich in Vitamin K and provides over 1000% of daily vitamin K needs per cup of kale. Vitamin K helps regulate the body’s anti-inflammatory process, thus lowering the risk for chronic inflammation and health problems that arise from it.

Cooking and Eating Kale

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables you can have, and gives you a big bang of nutrients and antioxidants for each cup or plate that you eat. While it is great to have variety when it comes to the vegetables that you eat, you should aim to get at least 1 to ½ cups of cruciferous veggies like this one twice or thrice a week. If you can increase your intake, then the better results you are bound to have.

Kale can have a strong taste, but you can enjoy it by cooking it properly. To ensure even cooking, prepare kale by removing the leaves from the stalk, then trimming away the tough center. Wash the leaves thoroughly and chop them up.

Too much heat can start to destroy its nutrient content, so experts recommend a quick 5 minute steam to evenly and quickly cook the vegetable. For steamer reviews you can check out Reviews By Peoplewebsite. You can also boil the leaves for two minutes until they have thoroughly wilted, then drain the water thoroughly before preparing it. Alternatively, you may want to add fresh, raw kale into your diet through salads or as an ingredient in your detox drinks.

Choosing Kale

This vegetable is available throughout the year, you can best get them from September to February.

When choosing kale, pick out heads that are on the smaller side, since they tend to be tenderer than those with larger heads. Check out the color and the texture of the leaves. They should be bright and have a crisp to it.

If you can’t find kale in your local store, you can try these alternatives: sweet potato greens, rainbow chard, red or wild cabbage and collard greens. Or, you can also opt for other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

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Important Facts About Breast Enhancement Cream

We can find a lot of breast enhancement cream products on the market to get bigger boobs these days. 

They actually have been very popular due to the demand of women to gain bigger breasts. 

Cream is a way of inexpensively and safely to enhance the breasts without undergoing the risky procedures of surgery. But first, let’s find out some important facts about these creams.

Is it safe?

Breast enhancement creams are proven safe. It is actually the safest of all treatments for breast enhancement because these products do not give any side effects to the user. The ingredients are also all natural so as to the proper nourishment of the skin surface.


The creams are applied directly onto the boobs along the pectoral area. Most of the time, a proper massage technique comes with the application of the cream. Massaging is very effective method for breast growth stimulation. We can do that along with the breast creams.

Is it effective?

A lot of people claim that breast creams does not work that well on making the breast grow. This is because it is just used from the outside. However, it can still be very effective provided we use it properly within a period of time. It needs time for the ingredients to work on the breast and before they get inside so that the hormone production will be improved.

Usually, the creams come together with pills. That way, there is a formula that works from the inside and another which works from the outside. Because it also works for massages, it will be a double action formula if we use the creams while massaging the breasts.


The use of breast creams is safe. The only danger that comes with it is when the user is allergic to some of its ingredients. There are people who are a bit sensitive when it comes to natural herbs. This can be discussed between you and your physician. It is important to first consult him before using any products for breast enhancement.

It is not very uncommon for women to desire for better looking boobs. The use of creams can be an answer to the size of boobs you have always been wanted.

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Organic coconut oil is the oil extracted from the coconut trees that are grown using natural fertilizers and traditional soil cultivation approaches. Though its health advantages are numerous, it works remarkably well, when it comes to hair growth. Not just does it help promote hair growth, it could also help put an end to the awkward dandruff problem. For those who are stressed over split ends, thinning hair, and hair fall, the application of this oil can definitely show really useful.

How Does it Work

We frequently shell out a lot of money on hair care items in order to get rid of issues such as thinning hair, hair breakage, and dandruff. A number of these items include compounds such as sodium lauryl sulfate and salt Laureth sulfate. Considering that these compounds are also present in coconut oil, using it on the scalp and hair will help deal with these hair problems. Coconut oil can also be used for eyelash growth.

This oil likewise consists of minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. Using it on the scalp helps in lubricating the hair. It permeates deep into the hair shaft and softens it. It is also understood for its antifungal and antibacterial homes. Lauric acid and capric acid help in combating the microorganisms that are accountable for triggering scalp infections. It can be utilized by individuals impacted by dry scalp or seborrheic dermatitis. This oil also contains saturated fatty acids like oleic acid, linoleic acid, caprylic acid, myristic acid, and palmitic acid, makings it an outstanding hair conditioner.

Ways to Apply

The natural variation is better than the common oil because of the approach of extraction and preparation. Its health benefits can be attributed to that it is made from coconut milk drawn out from fresh coconuts or by cold compression of fresh dried coconut meat. Because it is not fine-tuned, the natural goodness of the oil is protected. It includes greater quantities of lauric acid, capric acid, anti-oxidants, vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, and minerals, which help promote hair growth in a huge method.

Prior to using the oil, make certain that you warm it a little. Rubbing it on the scalp promotes the growth of hair follicles. All you have to do is massage all over the scalp in small circular motions for 10-15 minutes. Let the oil stay in your hair for a few hours. Shampoo your hair properly. This oil is a terrific conditioner in itself. In case your hair is really dry, you can let the oil sit overnight and hair shampoo your hair in the early morning. For good results, apply it regularly.

The advantages of natural coconut oil are not just limited to hair, you can get a soft, flexible, and glowing skin by using it on your skin.

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I love it when I’m in Boots and I spot something I’ve not seen before and instantly pop it in my basket. I’m sure my purse doesn’t like it very much but I love the feeling of finding something new and that I’ve not used before. In this case I’ve not really properly used a polish and gel top coat polish before so I was really keen to get this on my nails and a trial underway, after all it claims to last ‘up to 14 days’ and that is definitely something I can get on bored with.

I painted my nails with the shade ‘punk rock’, which is a lovely dusky purple, and it went on like a dream. It dried in no time and the brush was so wide that I only needed one swoop to cover the whole nail. It was a good start. This was on the Sunday evening and by the Tuesday there was already a significant chip on one nail. Disappointing, but I put it down to me possibly catching it on something. That was only three days in and by the Thursday/Friday most of the nails were chipped. Actually, my nails looked awful, one was missing at least half of its polish and they no longer looked nice at all so I had to remove the polish.

I have to say I am super disappointed. I know Rimmel have covered their backs by saying ‘up to 14 days wear’ so you can’t really complain because technically it has lasted between one and 14 days, but I was definitely expecting it to last longer than three. I feel like I would have been better off just using a normal non-Gel polish. I think it’s a gimmick and a complete waste of money, especially at £5.99 each! It’s a shame because proper gel nails are very expensive and I was hoping this might be a nice little budget alternative but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it. I’d much rather pop a Barry M Gelly polish on my nails as it has just as good a finish and lasts longer!

Have you tried the Rimmel Super Gel polish? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday people! Are you prepared? I am definitely not. I am going to have to go shopping on Saturday but I’m feeling very uninspired! I did pop up a little gift guide last week so if you’re struggling too, that might help you or continue reading here!

I personally don’t think rose gold is going away anytime soon so I’ve put together a fab little gifr guide of rose gold or rose-themed beauties you could buy Mum (or yourself!)

Zoeva Powder Polish Brush (107) and Zoeva Cream Shader Brush (233)
Zoeva’s rose gold make-up brushes are absolutely stunning. They’re so soft and just super pretty, almost too pretty to mess them up with make-up if you ask me! They make really lovely gifts as they look much more expensive than they actually are! You could pick up a nice set or just pick and mix a few different ones to give your Mum.

Pixi Rose Oil Blend Face Oil
Pixi Beauty is a more recent discovery for me. I’m currently trialling some of its skincare, which also makes a lovely gift for your Mum, alongside this really lovely face oil. It contains sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate seed, and rose geranium oils that nourish the skin leaving it super soft and smooth. It comes in bottle form with a cap or you can use the pipette. It’s paraben free and not tested animals!

Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist
Monu is another brand I’m loving at the moment and its reviving mist makes a lovely gift on its own or with a few other products. You could even put together a rose/rose gold themed gift box if you fancied! The mist is perfect for setting make-up or to just spritz all over as the lemon, rosewood, sandalwood and geranium essential oils will leave your skin feeling super refreshed in warm weather.

What do you think of these rose and rose gold-themed beauty ideas for Mother’s Day? Will you be picking any up for your mum or for yourself? Let me know in the comments.

*This post contains PR samples.

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Are you dreaming of a beautiful vanity area? It is time to stop, because now you can start planning and projecting. All you have do is to know and follow the essentials while creating your own personalised vanity space that perfectly fits your needs.

Checking furniture collections on the Internet can be very helpful as there are different furniture styles and designs you can take a look at and decide the best look for your vanity area. Once you have clear ideas, you can start shopping. You will find different online stores offering innovative, modern and high quality furniture designs you can choose from. One of them is Shop Mohd providing vanity tables, chairs and also lighting created by well-known brands.

But let us first see the essentials to creating a perfect vanity area.

The Space
What kind of space is available? Is it a room, a corner or just a small space within your bedroom? Knowing exactly how much space you have will help you establish the kind of furniture you can use as well as project every detail of the area. At the same time, considering all the sizes will help you determine how to decorate the area. One important advice: always double check the sizes.

The Mirror
Buying a mirror for the vanity means going for good quality. No excuses. You need a graceful mirror that will give you a true reflection, not a distorted one. It is important to have a mirror that is big enough for you to see everything and that reflects enough light. Depending on the kind of theme or style you like, you can choose a mirror with a suitable shape and frame. Remember, that the mirror is going to be the centre of the vanity area, so you need to consider your choice very well. You can also opt for a mirror that comes with lights in order to provide you perfect lighting when applying makeup.

The vanity table
When choosing a vanity table, make sure that it has the perfect height for you. Too low or too high can be uncomfortable. It should also be wide enough to accommodate various objects, without rendering the whole space cluttered or chaotic. Choose the colour and material that will match the style you want for your vanity area, in order to create a continuous and smooth flow in the whole space.

The seating
The chair you will use has to have a comfortable seat and the perfect height for you. If you have an ample space, you can also opt for placing one big or more armchairs or a comfortable chaise lounge which can double as a seating area when you have guests.

The storage
Obviously, it is essential to have enough storage space for keeping your makeup, brushes, tools, jewellery and other objects in an organised manner. There are vanity tables that come with pull out drawers. Otherwise, you can also use various holders and maybe create some on your own and give them a really personal touch. Take a look here for some inspiring DYI ideas.

The accessories
Making your vanity area your very own personal space needs special accessories to give it character and to boost the décor. Vases with fresh flowers on the vanity table will give it a more feminine touch, (your own) paintings or nicely framed photographs will give a focal point to the area and these are just two ideas to inspire you. There are no rules besides this one: do not limit your fantasy when creating your vanity.

*Image credit Houzz

*This post is written in collaboration with Mary Davis.

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Step aside beauty subscription boxes, there’s a new box in town! The Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd box to be specific.

You can’t have failed to see this brand mentioned on some blog somewhere. It seems to be absolutely everywhere and I seem to be the only person who hasn’t yet tried one of its candles. It’s just, I have so many candles already that I really need to burn some down before I buy anymore. I don’t however, have any wax melts, which is what made me sign up to the new Melt Crowd box.

The box will drop through your door for £10 each month and contains eight different scented wax melts. The first box also comes with a special wax burner.

For £10 this is an absolute bargain of a box and a fab way to discover some new scents before buying the full-size versions. You simply pop the wax melts onto the wax burner and light a tealight underneath, the wax will then melt and release it’s lovely aroma. The melts last for approximately 30 hours so they’re just as good as having a candle!

I can tell after a few months I’ll probably be over run with wax melts but when they come in such delicious flavours, including Pina Colada, Mango & Dragonfruit, Tropical Coconut Milk & Honey, Freshly Mown Grass, Daisy, Sweet Lime & Cedar, Juice Clementine and Thai Lime & Mango, I can’t really refuse. All of the scents in this month’s box are right up my street, really vibrant and fruity and they hit you as soon as you open the box.

The best bit about this box is that the melts are pretty thin so fit in a thin box, meaning the post man will definitely get it through the letter box, so no trips to the delivery office for you! I’d definitely recommend signing up, even if it’s for one month as that gives you eight melts already. The box is really easy to cancel too so you can pick it up and put it down as and when you like.

Are you a member of the Melt Crowd? Let me know your thoughts on this month’s box in the comments.

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Today is apparently ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. I guess the reasoning behind it is because the festive celebrations are long gone, everyone is back at work, it’s dead cold and pay day isn’t for almost two weeks yet…I’ve certainly felt a bit down in the dumps over the past week and I’m not really sure why, so I’ve come up with a few ways to make yourself feel a bit better!

Re-jig your skincare routine
At this time of year the weather can be pretty harsh on your skin so it’s a good time to look into having a little mix-up of your skincare routine. My skin tends to get used to products if I use them on a daily basis and I’m currently using the No7 cleanser and toner, but am finding it doesn’t have much of an effect anymore. It’s definitely time for something new. Just as you need a bit of a boost, so does your skin.

Paint your nails
This is one that always cheers me up. I have so many colours to choose from and having colourful nails makes me v.happy! You can go mad and paint them lots of different colours, try some nail art or go for one of your much loved shades, anything to boost your mood just a little.

Change your hairstyle
At this time of year I always feel like cutting my hair. It’s the whole ‘New Year New You’ thing I think. My hair is pretty long at the moment and feeling a bit drab and scruffy. I’m thinking about a long bob…but I know when I cut it I’ll want long hair again, it’s always the way, however I think I’m going to go for it once I get paid again, just to change things up a bit.

Take up a new hobby
I’ve been thinking about this alot this week. I’m a little bit bored of coming home every day after work and sitting on my butt on the laptop, I need to DO something. I’ve been looking into various classes and I’ve thought about going swimming a few nights a week but I think I’m too chicken to go by myself. I really just need to bite the bullet and book some things up, even if I don’t end up liking them, at least I’ve tried. I would recommend this to anyone else feeling in a similar way…you don’t have to do anything that takes you outside though, why not take up a new craft hobby that you can do in the comfort of your own home? I recently bought the La De Dah Journal so I can take up scrapbooking, I can’t wait!

While I’m no expert or saying you should follow these tips religiously, they are just a few small ideas to change things a little bit. You could also go shopping and find yourself some new clobber that you wouldn’t necessarily go for usually or you could take up exercise/cooking. Anything really!

How are you beating the January blues? Let me know in the comments.

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2True Cosmetics Nail Polish

ve heard of 2True Cosmetics before but have never tried them out, until now!

When I attended the Xmas Blogger Meet, I received a 2True Nail Polish in the goody bag and I’ve been waiting to test it out for ages. There was a whole load of different colours (believe me, I packed all of the goody bags with them!) so I had no idea which one I would get, but I ended up with the imaginatively named ‘Shade #11’.

Thankfully I managed to pick up a really cute shade, kind of a shimmering lavender colour. It’s a little thin but two coats sorted that out and it dries quite quickly too! It’s a really subtle shade, the type I put on and spend ages looking at when I’m typing.

It’s lovely to apply and would look great with a darker purple accent nail! I’d definitely recommend this brand and it’s definitely one I’m going to check out again! I’m pretty sure you can get 2True at Superdrug stores!

– Don’t forget to check out the CherryPie Shop before you go!

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