22 July 2014

A summer wardrobe staple from Rare London

Rare London Embroidered Trim PlaysuitRare London Embroidered Trim Playsuit

Primark Backpack

Rare London Embroidered Trim Playsuit

Primark Backpack and Sandals

I'm not really a dress or skirt kind of girl. There was a time when I wouldn't go anywhere near them but as I've got older I've worn the odd one here and there but still never really feel comfortable. A solution to the problem… playsuits. I really thought these weren't for me but out of nowhere I tried some on and loved, loved, loved them.

I was recently contacted and asked if I'd like to try something from Rare London, which is a brand I've not tried before. It was pretty difficult to choose something to be honest as there's such a fab variety to choose from. I toyed with the idea of going for a dress or some sandals but I thought I'd go for the Embroidered Trim Playsuit*.

Despite the awkward zip/toilet situation you can incur with a playsuit, they really are my favourite clothing for the summer - they let you bare your legs while maintaining your dignity and they can be dressed up for a night out with heels/accessories or worn casually with some sandals or wellies if you're off to a festival.

This playsuit in particular is so pretty. Although it's black I think the colourful trim detailing gives it a great edge and for me, someone who wears black quite often, it really brightens up an outfit. The best thing about it is you don't need to accessorise with a chunky necklace, you can just keep it simple as I have with some pretty sandals and a backpack - another great festival must have! This is a brilliantly comfortable playsuit to wear and has an elasticated waist so you can eat as much as you like without baring a food baby!

At £42 this is quite expensive in my opinion, but a staple piece like this is a wardrobe must-have so I certainly think it's worth treating yourself. I'll definitely be heading to Rare London more often.

What are your summer wardrobe staples?
Cherry xo

20 July 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #27

Good morning! I've been in two minds whether to continue these posts…I've actually been in two minds whether to give up blogging completely to be honest. I'm not sure what it was/is but it was becoming a bit too much of a chore. I work from nine until five every week day and when I come home I just want to relax a bit. I have weekends off, but again I want to relax, see family, clean the house, spend time with Vince etc etc and I just haven't really felt like blogging at all.

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I took a week off from blogging and while I was off I managed to note down lots of blog post ideas and build a bit of a collection of things to review/feature. I spent yesterday morning taking outfit photos and although it took a really long time to get a decent shot where I wasn't looking like a right grump, it was quite enjoyable.

I think part of the problem is organisation and having a dedicated space to blog. I see so many bloggers with lovely looking desks where they work and I don't have that. I sit on my sofa on my laptop or at my dining table and I feel like I can't really concentrate properly. When I get paid I'm hoping to buy a desk for the spare room and set up a little blogging space. Somewhere where I can organise myself a bit better and keep everything I need together.

I'm also not going to put so much pressure on myself to have a daily blog post and if I don't feel like blogging one weekend then I won't. This post is getting a little bit rambly but it's something most bloggers go through I think. I want to try and include some different posts alongside regular product reviews but I'm just going to go with the flow and see where it takes me.

Do you have any advice for getting out of a blogging rut?

P.S. This blog series is carrying on because apparently all my family love to read it and they won't be happy if I discontinue it they said!
Cherry xo

10 July 2014

Prepping your skin for summer

Preparing your skin for summer

Apparently a 'heatwave' is on the way… I would expect so seeing as it's SUPPOSED TO BE SUMMER!! If it ever does heat up or you're jetting off somewhere where sunshine is guaranteed then you'll want to make sure your skin is looking its very best, especially if you're going to be stripping down to your bikini* or if like me, you've braving showing your pasty skin in shorts and tshirts.

The above are three products I've been roadtesting for the past few months in a bid to rejuvinate my skin and improve my pasty pins. I pay particular attention to my legs because they literally never see the light of day. I'm one of those people who constantly wears jeans, even when it's boiling hot, but I am aiming to change this and become a bit more body confident so I've introduced a proper skin pampering routine.

Argan Oil Skin Renewal Body Scrub - £7.99*
This has been my go to shower product recently. It contains crushed olive stones and pumice to help remove dead skin cells and restore healthy skin. I tend to use this before shaving my legs so the hair folicles are nicely exfoliated and no ingrown hairs will occur. I also have noticeable pores on my legs (is just me?) and this scrub has really reduced them and made me feel a lot more confident about getting them out. The exfoliating beads are really small and delicate, which make them better at really tackling the drier areas. It's also perfect for using on hard skin on your feet/heels too.

Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil Exfoliating Body Wash - £10.20*
Another scub now, but this one is for using all over the body. I am a HUGE fan of the Australian Body Care brand, mainly due to the fantastic smell it emits and how its super kind to my skin. As I mainly concentrate on my legs I often forget about the rest of me so an exfoliating wash is just perfect as you don't really need to put any effort in, just wash yourself as you normally would do and the product will do all of the work. It's a win win situation and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Nip & Fab Dry Leg Fix Instant Leg Smoother - £10.25
If I remember correctly I bought this from a blog sale for a much cheaper price than what it sells for in the shops and I'm so, so glad I purchased it. I absolutely love this. It's perfect for after you've hopped out of the shower and dried yourself as you simply slather it all over your legs to leave them smooth, soft and silky! Yes really.

Combined, these products have become my skin saviours in the shower. It might sound silly to say but I feel loads better about getting my legs out when they've been properly pampered and looked after but its true and it's surprising what a difference it makes.

What products are you using to prep your skin for the summer time? Let me know in the comments.
Cherry xo

8 July 2014

I Love Makeup: Blushing Hearts Blusher

I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher
I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher - £4.99*

I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher

I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher

I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher

I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher

I must admit I am not a blusher type of girl. I rarely use it but I absolutely could not resist the gorgeousness that is the I Love Makeup Blushing Hearts blush. I Love Makeup is the sister brand of Makeup Revolution, which has been kicking up a real fuss in the blogging community recently. Not only are the brains behind Makeup Revolution running on overtime and doing brilliant things, but they've also been able to fit in launching a completely new sub-brand as well, which contains even more amazing, affordable products. It's mind boggling really.

Anyway, back to the blush. To put it bluntly, it's perfect. Not only is the packaging top notch but the 'baked' look is so popular right now, everyone's doing it and this just works so well.

The ombre style of the blushes mean you can use them individually or blend them together. I chose to blend them up and apply to get a not too subtle but not too dramatic look. I must admit in the photos above I've applied a bit more than I usually would as I was afraid the camera wouldn't pick up the colour (I've never photographed a blusher before!!) but as you can see it has come out ok. Each shade can be used depending on the amount of 'pow' you want in your look. The lighter shade would be perfect for every day and the rest are great for a night out or special occasion. There's actually six different shades/products in the heart blush line so there should be something to suit everyone.

Someone on Twitter pointed out that the blushers are a dupe for the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush. It is VERY similar, from the baked/ombre style right down the to heart shaped cardboard packaging but what really seperates this from Too Faced is the price tag. This is much more purse friendly and up my street. I personally probably wouldn't pay any more than £15 for a blush and this one from I Love Makeup is just £4.99. Amazing.

As I mentioned the blush comes in cardboard packaging, which is a little chunky. Before taking the photos for this post I actually dropped the blusher and it broke so I wouldn't say the packaging is very protective so be careful! I wouldn't recommend this for popping in your handbag or taking around with you as it could get a bit squished, but it's perfect for sitting on your dressing table and using in the morning.

Have you given I Love Makeup a try yet? What are your thoughts? I am personally fully converted to being a regular blusher wearer!
Cherry xo

Exploring the cities on your doorstep

I love jetting off on holiday. Getting away from work and everyday life is a pleasure, albeit one that doesn't happen very often. Not long ago I thought about exploring Europe a little more and going on a trendy city break, but it got me thinking about how little I've actually even explored the cities in this great land we call England.

I, much like many people in the country, haven't taken full advantage of what's on my own doorstep and what's so great about Britain. When was the last time you considered a UK city break?

So the weather might not be guaranteed sunshine but just getting away to some different scenery, if only for the weekend, can make a hell of a difference. If you're looking for a mini-break in Great Britain then your best bet is to head to Manchester, the city that once rivalled London as the capital.

First things first, you'll need somewhere to stay. Pay a visit to Hotel Direct and book yourself in to a four star hotel and spa or maybe a trendy apartment. If that's not your style then why not go for a cosy country style bed and breakfast instead? As long as you have somewhere to lay your head and truly relax then you're half way to having the perfect city break.

Many people wouldn't pick Manchester as their first choice of city break but it really retains a great city vibe and is the perfect place to go exploring. It has fast become a popular metropolitan and urban area, known for its culture, music scene, sports and media links. As well as ITV the city also houses the BBC's new main broadcasting house.

It's perfect for visiting if London life is a tad too insane for you as it still retains that city buzz that people crave without being over the top.

Once you've figured out where you're staying and you've settled in, why not head out for dinner followed by a visit to the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, which includes exciting talent in drama, performance poetry, children’s events, live music, dance, cabaret, LGBT events, exhibitions, debates and more. We're always up for a laugh so this is perfect!

Alternatively you could get your fill of city life alongside music, food and festivities at the Blackthorn Music Festival from July 25 until 27. You can check out all sorts of genres of music from rock and roll to folk and everything in-between.

The list of things to do is endless.

You could keep it simple with a visit to a cafe or restaurant followed by a spot of shopping or you could go all touristy and visit the likes of the Royal Exchange Theatre to catch a show, the Manchester Art Gallery or the Manchester Museum, which is great for families. So next time you're thinking of getting away from it all and need to stick to a budget, why not consider a UK city break?

What city breaks have you been on in the past? Are you planning any in the future, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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*This is a sponsored post.

Cherry xo

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