20 August 2014

Getting organised and motivated

Viking Direct fashion stationary
Viking Direct Fashion stationary A5 owl notebook - £7.99*
Viking Direct Fashion stationary A5 Flower notebook - £7.99*
Bic Cristal Large Fashion ballpoint pens in assorted colours - £4.14*

Getting organised

Recently I have found myself becoming increasingly disorganised with my blog. I'm not sure why but I'm hoping that writing this post might help me get myself back on track and hopefully it might help a few of you too.

I've decided to include a couple of tips, which have helped me in the past. They can be used in blogging but also in every day life, whether it's at work or school or University. I'm not saying they'll work for everyone but they might give you a couple of ideas for your own organisation.

Splash out on stationary!
This isn't really a tip as such but I find it helps when I have some pretty notebooks and pens to write everything down in. The inner stationary nerd in me loves writing in brand new notebooks with different coloured pens. While it might be a bit superficial I find that having new notebooks and pens helps to motivate my mind, sort of like going back to school where you feel refreshed and ready to get on with your jobs.

I was recently asked if I'd like to try a few bits from the fashion range at Viking Direct so I opted for a couple of super cute notebooks and a box of coloured pens. I haven't had an excuse to get new stationary since University so I was so happy when they arrived. The pens come in a pack of 20 great colours and the notebooks are really cute too, very sturdy and good quality. I can't wait to fill them up with all of my blog ideas.

Make lists
Lists are probably the best and most obvious way to get organised. Make lists within lists if you need to! You should rank your jobs from the most to the least important and split them up over a couple of days, but be sure to be realistic about what you can get done in a day.

While you're working your way through your lists I find it helps to have little breaks every now and then. I'm not saying down tools for two hours while you watch a couple of episodes of Game of Thrones, but stop and have a quick cup of tea and a change of scenery. Getting up and moving around helps to keep your mind motivated and I have found it wakes you up a bit if you're feeling a bit sleepy.

Getting organised

Have a dedicated workspace
I currently sit on my sofa to blog and it's really not ideal. A cluttered work space means a cluttered mind so if you can, find a space, preferably at a desk, away from distractions such as the TV and you'll find you get much more done.

Keep a calendar or a diary
Having a calendar or a diary is always handy. You can make a note on each date of what you need to do that day and refer to it each night to see what you've got coming up the next day. I find calendars really helpful. Mine is hanging on my wall so everytime I walk past it I'm gently reminded of what I need to do. You could invest in a filofax or little diary for your handbag so you can always whip it out and see what chores you have to do while you're out and about.

Getting organised

Plan ahead
Whether it's your blog/work or life in general it's always a good idea to plan ahead. With my blog I'm starting to think autumn/winter and Christmas and thinking about what posts I could prepare. You don't have to get it all done right now, just make a few notes here or there or if an idea strikes you then quickly write it down and when you're struggling for a blog post idea you can go back through your notebook and come across loads of ideas!

I was in a real blogging rut not too long ago so I would say that the most important tip is to step back and have a break if you need to. If blogging is becoming more of a chore than something that should be fun and interesting then it's a good idea to take a week or so off so you can gather some inspiration and just relax. It's really not the end of the world if you don't get a blog post up. I'm trying to remind myself of this. If you want to take the day off and go and have some fun then do it!

What are your best organisation and motivation tips? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear them!

Cherry xo

19 August 2014

Lush 'The Olive Branch' Shower Gel

Lush 'The Olive Branch' Shower Gel
The Olive Branch Shower Gel - £4.50*

Another Lush shower gel for you today and another one that has become a firm favourite of mine. I must admit when I saw it in store I thought it looked…weird. As you can probably tell it contains olive oil, which obviously seperates from the rest of the product and it just put me off, but after visiting an event at Lush recently I was given this in a goody bag and I am so, so glad as I now love it! You should definitely not judge a shower gel by its cover…or something like that.

You should definitely give this a shake before use just to mix up all the ingredients, which includes vine leaf infusion, mandarin juice, bergamot, lemon and orange flower. The scent is just lovely and really fills the bathroom, much like the Flying Fox shower gel that I recently reviewed. The product itself is a lot runnier than other shower gels from Lush, but it really sinks into the skin and leaves a gorgeous scent behind as well as leaving it really moisturised and soft.

I absolutely love this and use it on a regular basis. For £4.50 you can't really go wrong as it lasts a really long time too. I will definintely be repurchasing this when it runs out and might even go for the bigger 250g or even the 500g versions.

PS. Did you know you can use Lush shower gels on your hair? I've yet to try it but would love to hear your thoughts if you have!
Cherry xo

18 August 2014

Seven UK Beauty Blogs you need to be reading

Recently I was contacted by Riddle to see if I'd like to be part of its 'Beauty blogs you need to be reading…' feature and obviously I jumped at the chance. Have a scroll through the below and check out the lovely ladies I've joined on the list and you'll see me there too!

Cherry xo

17 August 2014

The Sunday Catch Up #31

Another Sunday catch up post means another week has gone, I can't believe it. We're almost at the end of August and it's gone so quickly. Soon it will be September and then it will be Christmas, hurrah! Apologies for saying the C word…

This week has been REALLY quiet. Just a lot of the same really, going to work, coming home and going to bed. Not very exciting!

Yesterday was a bad blogging day. I had a go at taking outfit photos for an upcoming blog post I need to do but the blogging gods were just not on my side. I thought the photos turned out ok but looking closer they're a little bit blurred and it was really sunny so the lighting is a bit weird. I'm just not 100% happy with them so need to have another go next week, fingers crossed it won't be raining!

Today I've been planning some posts for the upcoming week and have thrown in a few different posts to mix up the beauty reviews a bit. Hopefully you'll enjoy them. I want to do more lifestyle/advice posts so look out for those in the future. I was becoming a bit bored of review after review so I've mixed it up a bit for my own sanity as well.

If there's any blog post you want to see please let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Before you go, catch up with the blog posts from the week just gone:
  • Old Wives Tail Hair Treatment
  • Lush Flying Fox Shower Gel
  • Hydraluron Moisture Jelly
  • Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Series
    Cherry xo
  • 15 August 2014

    Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Series

    Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Series
    Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Root Lift - £6.99
    Dove Oxygen Moisture Advanced Hair Shampoo - £5.99

    I saw a post about this range quite a while ago on another blog and I was really intrigued by it. Every time I went into Boots I had a quick scan of the shelves but until now it hadn't been in stock in my local branch. When I finally saw it I rushed straight over and picked up a couple of pieces, a shampoo and root lift.

    The range aims to combat limp and lifeless hair (aka, mine!) with Oxyfusion technology and give it 95% more volume, which was something I was VERY interested in thanks to my continuous journey for the best volumising products. The Oxyfusion technology combines glycerine for added moisture and silicone for smoothness and shine.

    I really enjoy using the shampoo as it's gorgeously lightweight to use. It leaves my hair ridiculously soft and shiny, better than it's ever been before but I have to admit I'm not impressed with the volume boosting technologies at all. It does say you can create added volume using a round brush when styling but I'm looking for something that really just lifts the roots a bit for me and gives volume throughout without me putting much work in and I feel this didn't really. I'm equally disappointed in the root lift spray as well as it doesn't really give a lot of volume to the roots.

    Luckily it's really lightweight on application and it doesn't leave your hair feeling straw like or sticky but I would need to use up around half the bottle to create any volume.

    I'll carry on using both products just because they leave my hair looking super shiny and really healthy but I wouldn't recommend them for their volume boosting properties, despite them claiming to boost your hair by 95%!

    Have you tried this new range yet? Let me know your thoughts.
    Cherry xo

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